How to Access Acumatica Open University

When I do an implementation, I always make use of the Acumatica Open University to be my “Trainer”. The Acumatica Open University have all the training freely available for any current or future Acumatica user. They have 2 main learning paths which are the “Consulting Learning Path” which is aimed at implementation consultants and the “End-User Learning path” which is aimed at end users.

I normally add a training section into the project plan which runs parallel with the implementation. I also schedule regular Q&A sessions where end users can ask me questions while they are working through the training. I have done many of these courses myself during implementations and would recommend any Acumatica consultant to also work through them.

How do I get access?

On the top right hand side, click on the “Sign In” option.

You can sign in using Google, Facebook or Twitter. I will use Facebook as I already linked my Google account.

Click on the Facebook Logo

Click on the “Continue as..” button

You are now logged in and can download Acumatica and start doing the training courses.

In the “Practice” section of the website, you will find the Job Aids and the Quick Guides, which help client get answers to regular tasks quickly.

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