Create Acumatica User Defined Fields without customization

Acumatica User Defined Fields

I recently had a request to add attributes in the Sales Order screen for a client. After some investigation, found that extending the attributes to transactions is still an idea and have not been implemented yet. But in later versions (2018R2 and up), you can add user defined fields on transactions. This article will explain how to set that up for the Sales Order screen.

First, make sure you have Acumatica 2018R2 or later as well as being logged in with a user linked to the customizer role.

You need to add the additional fields you want to use in the Sales Order screen as attributes in the system. Navigate to “Configuration >> Common Settings >> Attributes” screen CS.20.50.00 and add some attributes. I will add a combo box.

Create a new Sales Order and click on “Customization >> Manage User-Defined Fields”.

Click on “Add User-Defined Field” and add the Attribute you have created earlier. The Column and Row options are used for arranging the newly added User-Defined Field on the screen. Click OK and the back button to the left of the “Add User-Defined Field” button.

When you look at the Sales Order screen, you will now see that the document header have an additional tab called “User-Defined Fields”. This section stores the additional information you require during processing.

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