How to set Acumatica Field as required.

I received a request from a client to make a field required in Acumatica. This can be done very easily with a minor customization which I will explain below.

I will use the “Leads” screen CR301000 to make the email address required. First make sure that you have the “Customizer” Role assigned to you.

Note that the Email field does not have an asterisk next to it. So the email field is not currently required.

Inspect the Element that you want to change. Make sure that you have a project and if not, just create one.

Once the element properties appear, click the “Actions >> Customize Data Fields” option for the customization screen to appear.

To make the Email field Required, I will do the following:

  1. Select “Append To Original” in the Customize Attributes drop down.
  2. Click on the “Edit Attributes” button marked below.

On the PXUIField Attribute, set the “Required” property to True, click OK and save.

On the main screen, select “Publish” and “Publish Current Customization”.

After the website is published, the following will display on the bottom part of the customization screen.

If you navigate to the Leads screen now, you will see that the Email is required.

Note that you should only publish customization if you have permission to do so and if you understand the process based on Acumatica Training manuals.

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