Publish Acumatica Customization per Site or per Tenant

Acumatica allows you to store different types of objects in a customization project. This is a very powerful feature. When you publish your customization, some of these types are published globally and is available from all the tenants while the other are only available locally on the tenant it’s been published from. This blog explain how different types are published.

In the screenshot below, you can add different types of objects into the customization project. When you save the customization, the customization data is stored in the tenant where the customization is created and is only available from the tenant where it has been created.

When you publish the customization, Acumatica applies the data to the database, apply changes to the DB Schema and apply the changes to the file system where required. But depending on the type, some types are available locally and some globally. The image below explains how the system handles different types and where they are available after being published.

Based on the above image, the Screens, DAC’s, Code, Files and DB scripts are available globally on all tenants. The rest of the items are only available on the tenant where it is published, that is, they are available locally

When you need to make the local items available globally or to some of the other tenants, you can use the “Publish to multiple tenants” option. This allow you to publish the local items to another tenant. See the screenshot below.

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